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Nadine Kohn's

1950 3/4-Ton Chevy Pickup

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11 November 2000

From Nadine Kohn

     Found a couple of pictures that I took of the "new" truck the day I got it. Also included one from this fall that I took just before I had to tuck it away for the winter.

     I have to be content with working on smaller projects like the steering wheel this winter. The truck is tucked in for the winter and Tuesday night I had 2 inches of snow :(

     Appreciate all your hard work, it shows! :) Working supports my hobby! It's an 8-hour interruption in my play time!





September 7, 00

From Nadine Kohn

Hi John & Peggy!

     Attached is a current picture of my 1950 3/4-ton Chevy. I've been taking progress pictures along the way. They have been handy when I couldn't remember how parts were supposed to go back together. Also helps remind me of how far I have come with it. :)

     I will send along pics I took when I first got it. I am the second owner, the first being a local farmer turned implement dealer. He used it to run parts. It was parked in the sales lot between a plow and a cultivator just 2 blocks from my house. It was only there for a day. I saw it as I was leaving for work and by the end of the day owned it. :)

Nadine Kohn
Glencoe, MN

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