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A Cool Old Truck

George Koehler's

1952 Chevy Suburban

04 November 04

From George:

         Here is my 1952 Suburban that I have had for about 15 years.

         The day I bought the old girl, I was in my garage working on a '40 Chevy sedan I had just bought when a friend of mine pulled up with her sitting on a trailer.

         It was all stock but all removable parts inside the cab. I took one look and it was love at first sight. A couple of beers and some negotiating, and we were unloading her off the trailer. The '40 came out of the garage and the Burb went in. Been there ever since.

         Put it together stock and drove it about a year before the bug bit me. Next thing you know, it was apart again and I put a Nova front clip, rear, 350 engine and auto trans. It's been thru about three engines since but last winter I built a really nice 350 4-bolt motor with a Crane cam, etc. and now am running a four speed. Every couple of years I swap the Auto back in for a change.

         I drive the car every day to work, grocery shopping or any other reason I can think of.


         About your website -- isn't amazing what quality of work non-professional craftsman can do with old trucks. I attended the cruise-in in Ocean City, Maryland this past May and was just blown away by the quality and originality with the cars there.

         Thanks for posting my Burb. Here's one more photo I had an artist do.


         Thanks for the great web site, I really enjoy seeing other people's work.


Take care,

George Koehler
Baltimore, Maryland


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