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1962 C30 Chevy Flatbed

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09 August 2004

From David:

      Hello there! I have some more recent photos of my green beast for you. I took them quite some time ago but I just now got the roll developed and put on a CD. About the only change from the previous photos is the new side rails and the fact that it is actually in MY YARD and not in the yard of the guy I bought it from.

       It is still a '62 C-30 with a 261 cid motor. I was really wondering if it ever would make it home. It finally did and here it sits. It won't go anywhere else yet but at least I don't have to drive 40 miles one way to try another approach to get it to run. And even though I can't drive it, I can putter on a few cosmetic things from time to time. (I am getting ready to replace the bedwood right now.)

      It still isn't pretty but it certainly looks better in my yard than in his!

       Here are some more pictures of my "Baby"' such as she is ...

      Thanks for all the help you guys have given me and thanks in advance for the help still to come. What a great site!

David Knokey
"Oly Kutznsandz"

      Dave, Dave, DAVE! What do you mean "ugly?" There is no such thing as an ugly Stovebolt. This truck has character. I am impressed! ~~ Editor

19 December  2003  

From David:

      Ever heard the saying IWRWIPI  (it was running when I parked it)?  Well, guess what? "Buy it for $250.00, fix a broken brake line and drive it home" means basically the same thing. It is a 1962 series 30 1-1/2 ton flatbed, inline 6 cylinder but don't know which one yet. 

       I bought it for $250, fixed a broken brake line, replaced all the tail lights, turn indicators, master cylinder, one tire, the fuel pump, unplugged the fuel line, and it is still sitting on the other side of Onalaska (40 miles away) waiting for me to return with a new muffler and carburetor.

      But hey, it's still a bargain for a classic truck, isn't it?  Well, isn't it?  Tell me! I need to hear it so I can convince myself.  

      Well, enjoy the pictures anyhow.  A close friend of mine told me she thought the color of the truck was cat-throwup green.

David Knokey
Rochester, WA

       David - OF COURSE IT'S A BARGAIN!!!  You've come to the right place.  Beautiful color too! - I could see it, just couldn't download! ~~ Curator

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