11 July 2016
# 3140


Owned by
Leighton Knisley
Bolter # 26325




1938 Chevrolet 1.5-Ton


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From Leighton :

I have a new addition for the 1938 Truck Gallery! (Leighton already has a 1938 Chevy 3/4-ton in the Gallery that he's restoring to original. ~ Editor)

The new old truck is a 1938 Chevrolet 1.5-Ton. This Big Bolt was manufactured in Kansas City, Missouri and still has the tags! So, we brought her home!

The old truck is a dual wheel with a 157 inch wheel base. It has a four speed transmission with a PTO.

We had been looking for one for the last year for a farm truck but nothing crazy intense, more for a "classic" farm vehicle look that's taken well care of but still worked. As a fourth-generation farmer, it is great to have an old truck to work along side with.

We ran across the ad for this truck after several pages of searching through Google. It was on an off-the wall website. The old truck was located at a museum in Rapid City, South Dakota. They were selling it after buying it from a sale.

We talked on the phone for a few days, getting information and figuring out how we'd pay for it and move it off the lot. Turns out, I was able to drive with our pickup and trailer that's pictured above. The owner pushed the truck up onto our trailer with their little tractor. I was able to move the truck plus get it to a shop that will help me in getting started!

The previous owner started out as a restoration shop and he started collecting stuff. He printed off a neat old title for the truck, on old-style paper. It was a neat experience.

The condition of the truck was very exciting because most of the big trucks we came across were pretty rusty. This truck had all the sheet metal on it. All the Chevy sheet metal was good -- inside and out.

There is no bed which leaves us the option to determine what we want. Since it has the PTO, we definitely will want to get something multi-purpose that we can also hoist when necessary. We are thinking a flat bed with removable sides may work for what we need.

On the trip home with the truck, the fun thing was seeing people's thumbs up as they passed us. I had one truck driver comment on how awesome it was to see it and he really liked the looks of it when I stopped at a truck stop for air.

So the plans for the truck is to first get it in running order.

The truck is in Litchfield, MN now (we are still in Nevada). We took out the stuck 216 and were able to fit the 261 inside, mounting it to the original transmission that was already there. There was some water pump modification work needed and the radiator still holds water!

The truck runs and drives but can’t drive too much -- with no brakes! Once we get moved to Minnesota, that is our next to do thing on the to do list.

Our plans is to use the truck on the farm and once completely road worthy, take produce for delivery or farmer's markets!

We are so excited and will definitely keep updating as they come and post pictures once we start. We really like the old classics and intend to use them and take care of them!

~ Leighton

Keep track of the restoration project details in the DITY Gallery and check for new photos to the Photobucket album. Any and all questions welcome! If you post in the forum, others can share in the discussion. Thanks ~ Editor




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