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Cool Old Truck

Charlie Knight's


1/2-Ton Chevrolet Fleetside

20 September  03  

From Charlie 

I bought the truck in 1978 from a lawn mower repair shop. It was ready for the junk yard. I fixed it gradually and drove it 60 miles a day to work. I installed a Saginaw 4 speed transmission. The 350 engine began to leak oil – a quart every 200 miles! I added oil as needed. I haven’t opened the oil pan plug or changed the filter since 1980. Amazingly it still runs.

It is falling apart. I am getting too old and can’t afford to restore it. But I still drive it a couple of times each month. I just cleaned out my shed. I had it full up to the top. No problems, it still does the job. The distributor has points and condenser, 300,000 miles plus, I lost count. 

It has heavy duty front coil springs, dual exhaust, economy Holley 4 barrel. I wish I could find one for my 80 caprice 305. Enclosed is a digital photo and also a drawing I made using Microsoft’s MSPaint program.


Charlie Knight





Curator "Charlie, thanks for your truck's story, it is a great looking old truck and it has served you well!"

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