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1949 GMC 1/2-Ton and 1954 Chevy 1/2-Ton

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01 September 2005
#1218 & 1219

From Gary: 

       I am submitting a photo of my two old Stovebolts (both 1/2-tons) that I came across out here in the desert. The turquoise '54 was found behind a huge bush on an old ranch a few miles out of the city. It had less that 100k on the odometer, no rust, no dents, and no bondo. It did have a very nice installation of a 327 Chevy V8, apparently done by a previous owner. I am almost embarrassed to say that the only thing I have done to it in the four years that I have had it is to construct the wood rails for the bed. It is pretty much original (including the interior) except for the V8 and the gray velour seat upholstery and headliner, which I intend to replace.

       I spotted the brown '49 GMC in a driveway and stopped to talk with the owner. He had the truck for only five months and had redone the brakes, wheel bearings, put on new tires, and had done some nice mechanical upgrades to the 350 Chevy V8 that breathes under the hood. He told me that what he really wanted was a Volkswagen bug and when I told him that I had a '67 in my back yard, he came over to my house, took a look and we swapped titles on the spot.

       The '49 is in great shape. However, someone did a really awful job on the interior with its diamond shaped black velour fabric covering everything, including the instrument panel. I have ripped out all of it and have located an original bench seat to replace the bucket seats that are currently in it.

       I plan to paint the GMC a dark blue at my wife's request, and the '54 is going to be the standard green for that year. My wife thinks that I am going to sell one but I am not sure that I'll be able to part with either of them. The only problem I really have now is that I hate to order new parts for one without ordering the same for the other. It is almost like having young kids all over again.

       Love your webpage and look at almost every evening. It has given me a lot of inspiration and ideas on how I want to detail these vehicles.

       I feel very privileged to be the guardian of two such great trucks.

Thanks for a great job!

Gary Knapp
Las Vegas, NV

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