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Cool Old Truck

Ryan Klug's


Chevrolet 3800 Pickup

March  04  

From Ryan

I had been looking everywhere for a 1947 to 1954 chevy pickup to buy, but had no real luck. A friend told me about a truck in the back yard of a house right down the road from me he had noticed. If you weren't looking over at just the right second as you drove by the pine trees on the edge of the road would block your view of it. So for years I had been driving past  this thing! It is a 1949 1-ton. 

It wasn't for sale so I just knocked on the guys door and asked him about it. Turns out he bought it 10 years before this from a vegetable farmer who didn't need it anymore for $500. It had a wooden bed on it when he got it and had an original dark green paint. He just took the bed off and primed over the original paint...nothing more.

So after talking a bit he said he was actually thinking about selling it cause his wife didn't like it in the yard anymore. He said he'd sell it for $500! Needless to say I bought it. All I had to do was buy a new 6-volt battery and drove the thing home. Good thing for the granny gear because the brakes didn't really work.

One question I have is about the brush guard. The guy I bought it from said it is a "cow bumper" for a farmer to herd his cows or something. I could believe it since the guard is as solid as a rock.

If anyone knows more about them I would really love to hear about it!


Ryan Klug
Waukesha, Wisconsin

Curator "Kim - Cool old Burb!  Keep us posted on your progress."

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