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A Cool Old Truck

Richard Kirsch's

1949 6400 Chevy Flatbed

Update May 2002

From Richard

     Last year I submitted some pictures of my '49 Chevy Flatbed after we had it running again. I promised some more pictures of this beauty working hard on my farm. Here is a picture taken earlier this week of the truck with a good load of wheat hay on it. There are 125 bales stacked 7 high that probably averaged around 60 lbs a piece. That's quite a load. I had no doubts that the old beast would lug its way to barn and head back out for another load.

     I hope you all enjoy looking at these pictures as much as did making them.

Richard Kirsch

29 October 2001

From Richard:

     I found your website and just had to send in some pics of my '49 6400 Chevy Flatbed.

     My Dad bought it in the early 80's and we have used in on the farm as a hay-truck since then. Last winter my cousin and I rebuilt the engine and brake system. We also switched over to a 12 volt electrical system.

     Next summer I hope to send in some pics of this beast at work. I have been looking for a website that appreciates old heavy duty trucks and this does an excellent job.

Thank you!

Richard Kirsch
Bonnots Mill, MO

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