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Tom Kirkley's

1970 Chevrolet C-10

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A memorial to a fine, old Stovebolt -- killed by a rice rocket

From Tom,

             I'm sorry to inform you that this truck is no longer on the road, but here is the history of the truck at the time I had it.

             The truck was a 1970 C-10 with the CST interior, factory A/C, power steering, automatic transmission, 350 V8, and am radio. The wheels were from a late 70's 4 x 4 Blazer.

             I found the truck (or it found me) one day when I was working at the parts store where I work part time. The gentleman who had it came into buy some parts and I complimented him on how clean the truck was. He said go look at it (so I did). While I was looking it over one of my co-workers came out and said that it was for sale and he wanted to look it over. I went back inside and asked how much and haggled with him and agreed on a price. I told my co-worker that I was going to buy it and he would not talk to me for a week. I took my wife to see it and she loved it. I drove it home a couple of days later.

A worthy successor

             "I added dual exhaust and drove it daily until one cold December night. On this night I was coming home when, off a side street, a Toyota hit me in the right front tire, pushing the cab back into the bed and sent me sliding sideways down the street and the Toy off into the ditch. The truck was totaled and my hunt for a new truck began. I will send you some photos of my new project.

             PS. Just a short note to all who love these trucks. Have them appraised and keep records, because if the truck is hurt or worse, insurance companies won't give you a fair price without these records.


             Thanks, Tom. Truer words have rarely been spoken. Read and heed! ~~ Editor

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