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Cool Old Truck

Doug Kennedy's

1953 GMC 1 1/2-ton "Dump"

15 February 02

     Just a quik update on the little bit of progress I've made. Not near as far as I'd like to be, but time is more plentiful than money. Dropped the front 1 1/2". Been working on the box. Oh yea, and dropped a huge bundle of green on new rims and tires. I bought Centerline Hellcats and had the company chrome them -- 15x8, 225/50R-15 on front, and 15x10, 305/50R15 on the rear.

     Moving slowely , but still having fun.


01 April 01

From "Mjr. Crash" with a hi to Joey!:

     This truck started out as a solid,nice running, 1 1/2 ton dump truck. My intent was to restore it to original condition ... wow, how things change!
     I pulled it in the garage and took it down to the bare frame. Then I figured maybe I'd update the drivetrain to make it a litte more drivable. Then it hit me ... what am I gonna do with a dump truck??? Drive it in a parade once in a while? That just aint me!!! I want to turn some heads. That just wont happen in a " dumptruck."
     Soooo ... out went the engine, tranny, front susp. rear axle, and anything else that got in my way. I fired up the "hotwrench" and cut the frame in two, in order to weld on an '81 Firebird subframe. Frenched the headlights, deseamed the hood, and then got daring enough to hack the roof off and take 4" out of the back and 4 1/2" out of the front. I raked the windshield back at a more modern angle, and shaved the driprails.
     I am building my own box by narrowing a Chevy short box, and will graft on fenders from a '47-54 era truck (which I do not yet have).
     At times it seems like an awfull lot of work, but it is always a lot of fun ! I've got a 350 that puts out about 325hp ready to drop in when its time. Here are a few pics of how far I've come ... or should I say, how far I've got to go !!!
     Would love to see them on your great web site.

Thanks, love your web! I visit almost every day. Keep up the great work !!!!!
Doug aka Mjr.Crash
'53 GMC

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