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Lucian Kelly's

1953 1/2-Ton Chevy Pickup

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From Lucian,

     Well, I emailed you a couple of months ago (on a different address, things change) and also many of your members who have 1953 PU's. I was asked to send pics (they are not the best) and I also have some questions.

     I am not a very rich man... as a matter of fact, you could say that at this moment I am a very poor man. But, I enjoy working on my truck. What can I do to keep cost low and get a restore my truck? The Tranny may need to be rebuilt (I am going to try that myself) but upon looking at the cost of gauges (replacements) it all seems so expensive.

     I don't expect to have the "cream of the crop" truck. I love old autos and this is why I am going to try to rebuild this one but the costs sometimes is extreme. Does anyone know of any shortcuts or people who will charge a decent price for repair?

     Thank you.


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