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Cool Old Truck

Jim Kehoes's


Chevrolet 3100

22 May  03  

From Jim      


Please accept my "beauty" for your gallery.  It is a 1949 Chevrolet 3100 series 1/2 ton pickup.

My wonderful wife found and named it for me in 1995 in a farmers field in Stowe,Vt.  A friend at work who creates metal masterpieces out of rust and air (i.e. Osca race cars) labored for about 4 years on bringing all the metal back to life.  

It has a new bed and new wood. It still has the original 216 and 97,000 miles and makes weekly trips to the dump, hardware store and gardening centers.  It's not afraid of carrying payloads and doesn't mind getting dirty!

It hibernates during the winter months here in Vermont and runs when the sap flows from the maples till the leaves turn red.

Thank you
Jim Kehoe
South Burlington,Vermont




Curator "Jim - That is a beautiful truck!  Glad to hear it gets a workout - Thanks for the submission!"

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