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1964 Chevrolet C-10 LWB

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20 March 2006
# 1474

From Shanebo:

         Hello everyone! Just wanted to start by saying thanks to everyone on this site for all the help.

         This is my new project, a 1964 C-10, LWB. Lotsa rust ... lotsa fun. I am by no means a restorer or OEM fanatic. I just like Chebbys and LOVE pickup trucks. Having an old rusty beater around is essential for the working man. It's a straight six 230, three on the tree (what else is there?) Good brakes. Good clutch. Good glass. Plus, since I'm not bringing her back to original, I can weld, chop, cut and grind on her all I want.

         These we will call the "before" pictures. In store for this beast is a molded-in windshield visor, shaved handles, airbags, fat whitewalls, molded-in rear fender skirts, custom lights, seat, dash ... you get the idea. All for a shop truck.

         I'll send more pics in a month or so. Thanks again guys for all the help and encouragement.

Peace and love,

-- el Shanebo

Shane Judd
Bolter # 10385
Orlando Florida

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