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Cool Old Truck

Dwayne Jonasson's

1967 1/2 ton GMC

7 September 02

From Karri

Hello Stovebolt, my name is Karri Jonasson from Elfros Sask. Canada

My dad (Dwayne) and my brother have restored/mild customized a 67 GMC body off frame. They used a 72 frame and a 1980 front disc brake setup added power assist. A 71 monty ss donated its’ 454 engine to give the 67 the power we where looking for. The original engine was a 283 with a power glide. The Tranny is now a T400 with a shift kit. They had to rebuild the entire box floor with oak and a custom sprayed on box liner.

The original color was a light green the new color is a 95 GMC green metallic paint. The truck was rusted out bad it took them two and ˝ years to rebuild the body of this truck it is now a member of the family. This pic shows the finished truck 2 weeks after it returned from the painters.

The truck has been in the family since it was new. The truck was originally purchased by great uncle George then by his brother John then his brother Baldwin then on the his death my dad was given the truck and restored it.

The truck is named George after the original owner


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