Paul Johnston's

1958 Chevrolet Apache

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27 March 2006

From Paul:

       Here is our 1958 Apache that we have had for 28 years. I did a complete off frame overhaul with every piece cleaned to the metal and repainted. I did all the work myself except engine and trans rebuild.

       It is powered by a completely rebuilt stock 283 with Holly four barrel. Here is a good picture of the engine before ... and after. Modifications include power steering , power brakes, air conditioning (out of a 2002 Nissan -- here's the AC box), 1994 Cadillac seats, overhead console, turbo 400 automatic.

       BEFORE anyone e-mails me about the fender emblems being in the wrong place I learned that after painting. Purchased fenders from a guy and they were drilled but I did not catch they were drilled wrong until painting was finished.

       This is our retirement truck. We are retiring to Costa Rica next year and this will be our main transportation. I wanted something dependable (this truck has never left us walking in 28 years!!!!!) that I could repair myself.

       We started the project in July 2004. The picture below is where it all began! I will send more pictures when finished.


       Thanks for a great website.

Paul Johnston
Bolter # 4889
Greensboro, North Carolina

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