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05 March 2007
# 1864

From Nick :

         This is my ’64 C-20 (7500 GVW, 230 CID, SM420, HO52) on the day I got it. It’s been a farm truck from day one and that won’t be changing anytime soon. I am trying to keep the cost as low as possible, since I only paid $1.00 for it.

         My niece and her husband moved overseas, and when we were saying goodbye, they asked if I wanted a ‘64 Chevy truck. As in “take it if you want it.” The best part is it’s drivable.

         We went for a ride and I couldn't’t believe they wanted to give it away. I insisted on paying and they insisted on giving -- so we settled on $1.

         The engine suffered from “tinker-itis,” so I had to break out the tach / dwell, timing light, and vacuum gauge which I haven’t touched for nearly 20 years -- back when I had a ‘64 C-10 that I loved. Got it idling real nice, and everything is in spec.

         I am rebuilding the broken down seat and will have to put in a water pump soon, from the sound of things. It will also get a new exhaust system, rear springs, heater controls, hoses, belt, and a “tractor paint” job. Then we should be ready to get some work done.

         Here's the funny part. When I went to get it to drive it home, concentrating on driving a stick for the first time in 20 years, I forgot about the e-brake. I only got about 1/8 mile down the road, when the cab filled with smoke from the overheated, grease-covered brake behind the transmission. I thought it was going to burn to the ground right there, but it cooled down and we were on our way.

         Notice the custom blue brush paint, and the remains of the (homemade?) spare carrier on the side of the bed? Somebody did a hack job on the dash radio opening at some point, and there are so many holes drilled in the truck -- it’s like Swiss cheese! But, who’s complaining.

         I found a deluxe seat that had been professionally re-upholstered in velour. It was loose in the cab of a '84 1-ton at the wrecking yard. I go it for $25.00 and cleaned it using the scrubbing bubbles method and a wet/dry vac, and it came out great.

         Anyway, thanks for such a fantastic resource. I've learned more in the past few weeks in the forums than I ever would have otherwise. Keep up the good work!

Nick Johnson
Bolter # 13776

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