Don Johnson's

1952 GMC 3/4-Ton and 1937 Chevy 1/2-Ton

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Valentine's Day
14 February 2007
# 1821 and # 1822


From Don :

           I was searching for a Ď37-39 Chevy pickup as a project but couldnít seem to find one. I ran across a local add about this í52 GMC on Craigslist. The truck reminded me so much of my Dadís old tow truck that I learned to drive on (a converted í50 GMC shorty dump truck) I had to say "Yes." Turns out that I work with the sellerís sister-in-law. Small world.

           The truck is a little rough, but I think it adds character. The bed will need a little work! The 270 runs well, though itís a bit cold blooded. The 12-volt conversion was supposed to have been done professionally. I assume the "professional"í part means the guy got paid, not that he has any skill. He cut out the entire wiring harness and started with a couple of spools of wire. Maybe he was dyslexic. I traced down the issues Ė lights miss-wired, alternator not working, no gauges.

           The paint is a bit much. Not sure where it will end up, but I am going to hit the fenders with a coat of rattle-can black till I can decide. Thought blue/black two-tone is better than the Seahawk color scheme (even though I am from the Seattle area).

           The addendum to the story is that two weeks after I bought the Jimmy, I found a Ď37 Chevy just down the road. Itís a real project. Only took two truck and trailer loads to get the pieces home. How 'bout we start with a picture of the cab. And one of the frame! I'll send more pictures as I make some progress!

           I guess I found my project, times two. The í37 will take a bit to get on the road, but I have the í52 for fun along the way.

Don Johnson
Bolter # 11632
Bremerton, Washington

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