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1953 Chevy 1/2-Ton

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Friday 13, May 2005

From Reh: 

      Hi guys! Here are a few photos of my newly acquired '53. That's my wife Denice (behind the wheel) and my 7-year old daughter Sydney going out for a quick spin.

      After a few months of looking, I found this old Chevy in Western Washington, just a couple of hours from my home on the east side of the Cascades.

      It has some rust in all the right places and a top speed of 45 mph if I can keep it on the road. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

      The original engine has been replaced with a later model 235 and the electrical converted to 12-volt. But other than that and a few cosmetic details (paint, bumpers, mirrors), it appears to be relatively stock.

      Thus far, I've only replaced the starter solenoid, plugs, wires, etc. I don't have too much to share in the way of experience. I'm learning myself! My next project is to go through the brakes which will be closely followed by a new wiring harness if I can make up my mind whether I'd like to retain the 12-volt system or go back to 6. I'm hoping some fellow stovebolters can give me some guidance on that topic.

      My very first truck was a '52. However, being 15 at the time and too young to drive, I did the next best thing in the mind of a 15 year old and tore it apart.

      Twenty years later, I decided to try again. This time I intend to keep it running, roadworthy, and stock.

      I'm a biologist by trade and far from a mechanic but it's been all I can do to keep my hands off my truck! I just received Tom Brownell's book (How to Restore Your Chevy Pickup) , which I discovered via your online review, and I couldn't be happier. He seems to have provided a great deal of information for guys like myself who are a tad thin in the pocket book and perhaps not as innately handy with a wrench as some.

      I've truly enjoyed your site thus far and look forward to learning as much as I can about these great old trucks.

Thanks much,


Christopher Johnson
Ellensburg, WA

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