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Cool Old Truck

Kenny Johnson's

1964 Chevy Fleetside Shortbed
"Thelma Lou"


03 September 20    UPDATE

From Kenny

Hey guys...

Kenny Johnson here (member name: likearock) and I have made several improvements to my truck (Thelma Lou) in the last year or so and wanted you to know I have changed my website from the one you have in the gallery (curator: thanks for the note!). Here are several new pictures of my project that I would like to share.  If you choose to add one of my new picturess to the gallery page as an "after for the time being", that would be cool too! Here is the new link.

I've said this before, but again I must tell you what an incredible site Stovebolt.com is and how much I appreciate all the time and hard work it takes to keep it up and running!!!  (curator: we all say thanks for you generous participation!)

Also, a friend is close to buying a 40 GMC 3/4 ton, and I guarantee he is going to get a glowing recommendation about this place from me!  We are planning on helping each other out on our trucks, and I know no better place to get all of our questions answered.

Thanks again,
Kenny Johnson
Lexington, KY

01 March 02

From Kenny

    "Thelma Lou"...A 1964 Chevy C10 Shortbed 

    First, thanks to Peggy, Joy and John for the kindly welcome to the Stovebolt Page.

    The photos on this page represent both my past and my future. The black and white photo is my Dad's '64 longbed that was used for many years in our family's sign business, and the Orange Beast you see is the '64 shortbed I have had my eye on for almost two years, and finally brought home February 1, 2002.

    I've never torn a truck apart and put it back together, but I look forward to the triumphs and setbacks that come with this project! Not having been born with a silver torque wrench in my mouth doesn't scare me a lick. My Dad taught me to keep my ears and mind open, and that ought to get me through. It has so far!

    Looking forward to learning from the pages of Stovebolt.

Kenny Johnson
Lexington KY

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