1941 GMC Pickup

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06 March 2006

From V8Boy:

          Hello there! Do You remember us ? Stovebolters fresh from Poland. (Just to remind you: I am a Cadillac freak.)

          A few years ago on my trip to US, I saw a beautiful truck. Fell in love. Bought and shipped it to Poland. Sent you some pics. It was not restored at the time.

          Now the paint is on. Mechanics made their job and we just wait for Galvanization process to be done and then ... just to hit the road !

          The summer is coming so it will be a hot summertime. As you can see, this is not my first pickup. First was 1997 Dodge Dakota 2wd. It was a souvenir from trip to your country in '97. It was so fun that when we saw the 1941, we just had to have it. When the ride is done, I will post you some more photos.

          And now I am going to post some info on your forum - still need some missing elements.

Best Regards,


V8City - Toys For Big Boys
Piekne auta z tamtych lat
Bolter # 5477

          Well, it's good to hear from you all! And the Bolters have GOT to check out your website ... so cool! Good to see you have English translation now. Really cool site. Glad to hear of the progress on the '41. Keep us posted ~~ Editor

01 November 2004

From V8Boy:

          Hi there, I am am Cadillac lover from Poland. I have a collection of 40 Caddies and some Chevy's and Pontiac's from '50-'60. Most of the cars I own come from auctions in US. I buy project cars and restore them in my garage where six people work all day with my toys.

          Last time when I was buying some Cads, I saw a beautiful car from '40ís. I didnít know what it was and how old. I just knew that I had to have it. After I checked everything, it turned out that it was a 1941 GMC Pickup.

          After two months of waiting, I was able to pick it up from my shipping agent in Poland. The very next day we started to work on it to make the truck like new. I never thought that I would buy a farmer car. I use to work Dodge Dakota (like Mercedes Benz in USA for people in Poland) so I thought that it would be nice to have an old pickup. But I did not know that it is so beautiful!! WOW ! ! If there is place on your site, I can mail photos from rebuilding process.

          Now itís 510 days from the day we started and it seems that it was a very good buy. The frame is great and almost nothing is missing.

          The history ends here but the real second life will start in 3 - 4 months when my beauty will hit the road.

          Check out my collection at V-8 City. (It's not in English -- but has some neat pictures ~~ Editor.) These are my friendsí cars (Cobra, H2, Freightliner, Buggy with nos and some Harleys). These real rare head-turners, show stoppers in Poland.

Best regards,
Toys for Big Boys
606 66 33 99

Car info : VIN/engine A228115123 make
GMC Batch no 114
License was 02701X

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