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1942 Chevy 1/2-Ton

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05 March 2007
# 1862

From Jim :

           Here is a photo of our 1942 Chevy, taken last Fall before we received the big snows. Right now, the poor old darling is tarped up, and up to her fenders in the accumulated 3 feet or so of white stuff. I don't have my shop up yet. But I hope to have her sheltered for next winter.

           I found the 1942 Chevy resting in a field south of Colorado Springs in 1995, buried to the axles. I bought it and had a wrecker pull it out. I trailered it home. The original 216 was stuck and featured a cracked head, so I elected to just swap it out for a 235, 1955 vintage, that I rebuilt.

           It seemed to steer very hard until I finally figured out that at some point in it's history, the steering assembly had been swapped for a 1938 vintage steering box and assembly. Once I rebuilt and replaced it with a correct '42-46 assembly, the truck handled just fine with little steering effort required.

           Everything else is original, including the 4 speed, non-syncro transmission, lever shocks and torque tube running gear. She still runs on stock 6:00-16, 6 ply tires.

           The truck was stripped to the frame, and the body and fenders were essentially very sound, due to the lack of salt on the roads here in Colorado. I had the bright work re-chromed, and did the body work and paint myself. I finished the restoration in about six months in 1995 and have used her as a work truck, hauling everything from lumber to coal over the years without complaints from her.

           The cattle racks on the truck in the picture were used by my sons to haul a pair of goats up to the mountains when they would go hiking with their buddies. The goats make great Sherpas and can't wait to go, eagerly packing in the tents, food and supplies.

           Sometime in the next year or so, I'll need to freshen up her paint again but will keep her working and earning her keep for many years to come.

           Thanks for your interest and best regards.

Jim Jennings
Bolter # 13277
Parker, Colorado

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