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A Cool Old Truck

Casey and Brenda Jacob Jones'

1953 Chevy 3100

"Big Blue"

August 2000

From Casey and Brenda

We have sold "Big Blue." Could not have done it so quickly or easily without you being there. You provide a tremendous service for Stovebolt hard core types, and for those of us who are just passing through. We are encouraging the new buyer to post with you as she is prepared to take Blue to "Fully Restored" land.

June 2000

From Casey and Brenda

     What a fantastic site you all have! Fun to interact with and very well loved by Stovebolters near and far it seems.

     After two years of loving this truck, we have to sell it to better balance our lives in the social services world with our low finances. As you'll see in my post on the discussion board, I want to find a Stovebolter who'll love and faithfully restore this cream of the crop truck. I have a full set of photos to e-mail, and am working on a detail set to show off the spots that make guys say, "I've never seen one in such good condition before restoration."

     Thanks for helping me with this posting.   


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