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A Cool Old Truck

Jim Jacob's

1953 3/4-Ton Flatbed

October 19, 2004

From Jim,

         Have enjoyed your web site since I read about it in This Old Truck magazine. Am enclosing photos of my 1953 Chevy 3/4-ton five window cab flatbed for inclusion in your Stovebolt Gallery. I purchased the truck three years ago from a man in Corrales, New Mexico who had inherited it from his father. It had been used as his daily driver until it was parked, in need of brake and carburetor work.

         Although the truck's history is unclear, it had served time with an oil company somewhere in New Mexico. After rebuilding the carburetor and brakes, my truck was up and running and back on the road. The engine was said to be a low mileage 235 that had been installed a number of years earlier, replacing the original 216. My intent was to restore the truck to original, retaining the 235 and the 12-volt upgrade.

         In search of parts, I encountered Paul Fachan of Fachan Restoration in Albuquerque. It was his knowledge, expertise and assistance that have made my restoration project possible. Paul's daily driver is a 1946 Chevy Panel and although he does foreign and domestic repairs, he specializes in old Chevy trucks. I stripped the cab to bare metal, had cab corners replaced and restored the interior. I replaced the wood in the original flatbed along with most of the glass and all the window and door rubber. Paul rebuilt the 235 and installed a new wiring harness, and offered assistance and encouragement in putting the truck back together. Currently, I have turned my attention to a 1937 Chevy 1/2-ton.

         Thanks for creating the most interesting site on the web. I return to it often to see what's new. Your links have been a helpful resource.

Albuquerque, New Mexico


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