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1957 GMC 1-Ton NAPCO 4 x 4

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12 February 2007
# 1815

From Curt :

          Here is my 1957 GMC 1-ton Napco 4 x 4 in all her glory. I purchased the truck in June of 2006. I drove it "as is" right off the farm to a truck show 50 miles from home in August. Here is a link for the truck show. I am parked next to my Father-in-law's red 1959 LCF with a built 402 and a disk brake rear end. We drove up Interstate 5 to the truck show. We both belong to the American Truck Historical Society Northwest Chapter -- a lot of neat trucks.

          The truck has 86,000 original miles, a 270 six cylinder, PTO winch, frame mounts for a snow plow, 19.5 x 8 tires and 4 speed transmission. I tried to purchase the truck 15 years prior to this from a friend of my grandparents, but they where still using the truck on their farm. They purchased the truck in 1968 from the Washington State Department of Fish and Game, the original owners.

          Overall, the truck is in very good shape. It is always fun to drive and a hit wherever I go. I'm looking for some original hub caps and possible 9' Stepside box to do a complete restoration.

          I personally do all the stock and custom upholstery for the cars and trucks.  We (A Glass Enterprise) have been in the glass and restoration business since 1975. We have a pattern wheel for glass for every make and model of vehicle made, starting around 1927-28 thru the mid 1960's (domestic and most foriegn) for all flat glass. Glass on a 1934 Ford 5 window coupe, 1929 AA truck, or 1955 Chev car or truck -- we have all of the original window glass patterns.  We even do custom fabrication on glass, upholstery, all weatherstripping , channeling, parts, etc. 

          I personally started a Mustang club at our shop two years ago and it's going well. I have helped quite a few members in the Stovebolt with glass and upholstery related questions, as well as a place to get parts and supplies.  We ship world wide. Hopefully our business can be an avenue for Stovebolters as a parts and reference source.

          Thanks for the great Stovebolt site. Keep up the good work !!

Curt Ivie
Bolter # 10358
Centralia, Washington

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