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A Cool Old Truck

Jim Hurst's

1962 Chevy Pickup

30 April 2002 Update

From Jim

Hi folks! It's been awhile since I've been in touch. Here are some new pics and info on my '62 Chevy. It now has a 355 sb(.030+ 350) and I went w/ an a/t (th400 w/ 3500 stall and b+m kit). It's got a 4:11 posi in it now and an independant front suspension from a mid 70's Chevy is on the way in soon. I lowered it 5" in back and 4" in front, buckets and a killer cd system w/1 8" audio bahn woofer (which by the way is mind blowing).

The best part is chucks speed shop dyno'd my motor @ the flywheel @ 418 ponies, and w/the old 3:90 doglegger. It ran a 14.2 @103 3 mos ago. Can't wait to test the posi out w/the added weight of the gas tank in place of the spare. I should get into the mid 13's.


25 July 2000

     I have a pix of my '62. The story on this truck goes like this: my friend had a '66 that I fell in love with and started joking with my mom to ask my grandpa to sell it to me. Well, for Christmas Iwas told Ihad to come up with a way to get it here to Phoenix, Arizona from Denver, Colorado. So you can probably imagine my suprised look at Christmas when it was a gift.

     It has the original 261 I-6 in it but it will soon have a small block and an m-22. I know that will decrease the value but I plan on owning it for a long time.

     Well thats a short story on my sweet '62. A roll pan is in plans for the rear with the exhaust tips coming out there, and paint color hasn't been determined yet. Corvette yellow, pearl white, powder blue met are the tops on my list -- ha ha. Thx for your time.

James Hurst
Phoenix, Arizona

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