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Leonardtown, Maryland


1941 Chevrolet 1/2-Ton Pickups

Owned by

Bill and Shelli Hummel
Bolter # 16216
Boerne, Texas




16 January 2008
# 2077
and #2082

From Bill

          These are my 1941 Chevy trucks. 

          The 1941 red Chevy truck was found on eBay and purchased in May of 2007.  It was transported by FEDEX Custom Critical from Janesville, Wisconsin to our home in Dallas, Texas.  It was purchased as a gift for my wife who thought I was going to too many car shows and spending too much on car parts.  I am a big fan of Auburn, Cord and Duesenberg automobiles. I'm such a big fan, that I am the Webmaster of the ACD CLUB.

          For the first four years, I could not get Shelli to go to a single car meet. Granted she was in college, but you'd think that she would go to at least one! Periodically, I would catch a little flak when she wanted new appliances like a washer and dryer. I would protest that they were too expensive for our budget, and then she would catch me dropping $800 or so for some latches for my Cord Cabriolet. So things were not going well for my hobby!

          Last spring, she finally went on a tour with me. It was during the ACD Club Texas Meet that we all went down to Galveston and visited the Lone Star Flight Museum. Right next to a B-58 Hustler supersonic nuclear bomber was a beautiful little Chevy pickup! Nice match-up don't you think? My wife spotted it from across the hanger. "I'm not sure what that is, but I want it", she said.

          I think that truck may have been a 1942. It was completely restored and it was a beautiful two-tone red with the fenders being a dark red. While I was not a Chevy fan at the time, I did have to admit it was good looking. It had beautiful fat whitewalls and the spare tire on the side of the rear bed. It was about as nice a restoration as I had ever seen on a pickup. "How expensive can an old pickup be?" I thought. So I found myself promising her a truck.

          A few months later, I found her this one on eBay. The gift really did the trick!  Shelli is now a confirmed Stovebolt addict!  Now she thinks car shows are fun and parts prices sometimes can be reasonable!

          Her truck is a nice little 1941 Chevrolet 1/2-ton with a few mods. It has a larger 6-cylinder. I think it is a 235 or so. It has a Turbo 350 transmission and the rear-end has been changed out. I figured that one one day when I spotted 5-bolt wheels on the back and 6-bolt wheels on the front. The rear bed is gone and has been replaced by a custom flat-bed. The interior is in good shape.

          Our plans are to put the correct fenders and bed on the back. We'll add the correct 16 x 6.5 wheels and we'll put on Diamondback Classic radial whitewalls.

          But have I created a monster? The blue 1941 Chevy 1/2-ton was spotted on eBay in early December 2007 in Harrison, Arizona.  Although it has been fully restored, it is completely original.  The engine was professionally rebuilt and everything works great.

          Now the dilemma is “Which one do I drive today?”  Everyone loves a Stovebolt and these two make quite a stir when we drive them together in the little town of Boerne, Texas where we now live.

          Is a third green one a possibility?  Maybe, if we find one that has been fully restored and not hot-rodded.  Stovebolts are proof that you do not have to spend an arm and a leg to stop traffic and turn heads.  These little guys are real crowd-pleasers!

          I am becoming a big fan of Chevrolet, too. I just installed dual trumpet horns that are nearly identical to the ones on my Cord 810 Cabriolet. A Cord's horns go for $700. The Chevy's? $25 and they are incredibly LOUD!!

          Now a friend told me that once you get two cars or trucks together, they start talking. Yeah, right. Well, maybe! The red truck “Mater” as in “tow-mater” from the movie Cars is jealous of the new blue truck “Beau.” The other day, when I was showing off the trucks, we drove the blue truck first. Then we tried to start Mater which has ALWAYS run flawlessly. You have never heard such a horrible shrieking when I started the engine. I was afraid the engine wasn’t getting oil. The sound was awful!  

          After 45 seconds, it went away -- so maybe it was just a squeaky belt. As we started to pull out of the driveway, the front left tire went flat. Obviously, we were not driving Mater that day. He had accomplished his mission. My guest and potential buyer wanted nothing to do with Mater.

          After I got his tire fixed, one of the wheel studs got pushed back into the drum when I tried to replace the wheel.  Mater was truly telling me he didn't like the new kid in town!

          Stovebolts obviously have their own personalities and exhibit signs of jealousy when a second one shows up.

          Moral of the story? If your wife hates car shows and she thinks you spend too much on parts, just buy her own car or truck! Now there's no complaints and she has just as much fun as I do finding parts! Go Chevy!

           See tons of photos.




          Bill originally sent in the Gallery submission for Mater back in October 2007. Good to see more evidence that the Stovebolt fever is contagious! ~~ Editor


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