Justin Howell's

1965 Chevy C-10

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07 May 2007
# 1927

From Justin :

           Hey Guys and Gals! This is my 1965 Chevy C-10. The truck was my Granddad's and it was his daily driver. He bought it and used it to work in the oil fields and he also hunted out of it. Back in 1994, we kinda did a restoration on the whole truck

           It is all original and I am going to slowly but surely restore and keep it like that. I might change a few things but not that much. This picture was taken the first day I got her home. Now that I have it, I am slowly going through it and keeping it where I can drive it.

           I drive it alot and I get some weird looks because I am 25 and people are not used to seeing young people in a old truck like this.

           I will get some better pictures later when the weather decides to be normal. Please give me some feedback!


Hope y'all enjoy.

Justin Howell
Bolter # 13785

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