Tim Howe's

1948 Chevy 6400 Loadmaster

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We Remember

11 September 2006

# 1657

From Tim :

           Hello fellow enthusiasts! I've joined the Stovebolt club!

           After months of sifting through the site looking at others' trucks, I now have my own! I found a 1948 6400 Loadmaster for sale about 45 minutes from home and paid a guy $150 to haul it home. The fellow that hauled it had a diesel 3/4-ton truck and a tilt-bed trailer, but the '48 was a tight fit. He had to drive the whole way back at 20 mph because he had no trailer tongue weight.

           The truck was a Coca-Cola delivery truck (thus the paint scheme, notice the girl drinking a Coke on the doors). Apparently the driver kept the truck up well and bought it later on. The truck then sat in a barn for 30 years. I am the third owner (in almost 60 years!).

           I have a stack of registrations back to '52, along with garage receipts and the original set of tire chains (on the flatbed in the pics).

           It runs but needs a gas tank and brakes before it will drive. The wood bed needs a lil work too .... ok, maybe a lot. I'm looking forward to restoring it and taking it to shows and parades.

           Keep up the work. This site is awesome!

Tim Howe
Syracuse, New York

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