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A Cool Old Truck

Jeff Horn's

1966 GMC pulling 1944 Chevy

The 1944 Green Stovebolt Firetruck!

17 March 02 Update -- Happy St. Patty's Day to ya, lads and laddies!

From Jeff:

     Thanks for posting the pictures of the original firetruck (below). As promised, here are photos of the truck (in it's debute) in full parade dress at the March 17th St. Patrick's Day parade in Des Moines, Iowa.

     The truck is being driven by Joe Frye in the parade, he is a co-owner in this project. There is so much to do on a big truck like this -- I could never do it all by myself!

     We were quite pumped up over our parade prospects. We have won first place the past two years, and we just know the fire truck will deliver a three-peat for us. We are carrying a super large American flag (12' X 20') behind the truck with all of the names of the Firemen and Policemen who perished in the WTC disaster.

     We had a wonderful time showing off our sparkling green Stovebolt. We have custom plates that say MARCH 17.

     A couple of things you might be interested in is the Oak floor in the back, and you might be able to see the black tonneau cover that we had made that covers the entire back end. The first half of it is visible in the back end shot. The rest is off to show the floor. Mechanically it is very original, has the 235 six in it, with the two speed rear end, runs great!

     Hope you enjoy the pictures. Thanks for you hard work.




    The Melrose Stovebolt was our feature story for the April "What's New" page ... super story! Thanks, Jeff. - editor




15 February 02

From Jeff:

     I think some folks might enjoy this one .... it's a '66 pulling a '44.

     The tow is a ' 66 GMC. The firetruck being towed is a Chevy -- a former military truck that has had some community service time here in Iowa.

     It is now in my posession and it is being rebuilt as a parade truck representing the town of Melrose, Iowa.

     Melrose is a predominately Irish Community so we chose to paint the truck green to reflect the town heritage.

     We also have custom plate that says March 17 for the St. Patricks day parade.


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