Jim Holten's

1951 Chevy Suburban

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28 March 2007
# 1897

great old truckFrom Jim :

           This is my ‘Burb. It is a 1951 Chevy Suburban. It is stock accept for the mono leaf springs I put on the front. The wheels are Chevy rally wheels with beauty rings. It’s powered with an inline 216 with a split exhaust manifold for that great sound and a granny 4 speed. The interior is all done and has the sock seats (all three of them).

           It was converted to 12-volts for easier starting and is very reliable. Everything works except the gas gauge and stock radio.

           I am not sure on the history of this vehicle. It appears to have been yellow at one time and with the stop light in the rear. It may have been some sort of rural school bus. I saw the vehicle on eBay a few years back and noticed it did not sell. A few months later, I checked with the owner and he had it for sale on a car lot in Bend, Oregon. I traded my '92 Ford pickup and $2k for it. The condition of the vehicle, paint and interior was the Burb's condition when I traded for it. This was the best trade I ever made.

           I love this rig and drive it almost every day. It is a blast to drive. It gets the "thumbs up" from lots of people. I have no plans for selling this car.

Jim Holten
Veradale, Washington

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