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A Cool Old Truck

John Holmes's

1953 GMC Sleeper

23 October 00

From Mike (for John H):

     This 1953 GMC (middle truck) is a 630 intergal sleeper is 1 of 52 made. Owned by my friend John Holmes, this truck was on the road for four years and then put in storage with 165,000 miles. The truck's orginal owner who bought it was convicted for murder. He stored the truck in his parent's barn before he went to jail -- for 38 years. The truck remained there until his parents died. When the cleaning of the property was started, the truck was found in the barn under bails of hay and the looked as good as it did when it was put away.

     John is the third owner and has plans to take 26' ft. roundnose flat Fruhuef trialer and restore it to use with the truck for the rest of its life.

     The truck has a 503 gas and a 5-speed/2-speed rear axle. The cab was made by Boyertown Bodyworks in Boyertown, PA ... and they are still in business!

     We plan to attend ATHS national convention in Saracuse N.Y. 2003.

     Ha! Sorry, this truck is NOT FOR SALE.

Thank you,

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