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A Cool Old Truck

Mitchell Holbrook's

1951 Chevy 5-window

08 December 2001

From Slowgoer:

     I would like to enter my truck in your photo gallery. I bought this truck in April thinking I would get it in good running condition and drive it awhile and gradually restore it. Then I was asked if it could possibly be used in a wedding in November. It was my nephews wedding so I thought I would start on it and just see how much I could get done.

     About 6 months later, this is how it turned out. I am in sales for an occupation and have never undertaken such a monumental task but I did all the work myself with occasional help from a few good friends to hold, lift, move etc. I took it off the frame, sandblasted and painted frame, rebuilt the engine, brakes, complete interior, new bed wood and strips, new and rechromed bumpers even painted it myself -- thanks to a neighbor who let me use his paint booth.

     This picture was taken in November 2001 at the rehearsal. The following week I entered it in a local car show and took home "BEST TRUCK" trophy.

     I have thoroughly enjoyed this project and received alot of good advice from your 'stovebolt forum'.

Thanks alot,
Mitchell Holbrooks

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