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1952 Chevy 1/2-Ton 5-window

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25 August 2005

From Ted: 

       Here are some photos of my '52 five-window -ton which has a 350 small block, 350 TH automatic and a '77 Blazer rear end. I believe that the engine and trans are also from the Blazer but I'm not sure.

       I purchased it early this summer from the previous owner who was unable to work on it due to physical problems from an earlier injury. He had purchased it a few years earlier in Reno from the previous-previous owner who had installed the engine and driveline. I would like to meet up with the PPO from Reno as he did a pretty good job on things and would like to thank him.

       So far I have the gauges working, adjusted the doors to close without having to slam them, new tailgate, and added the trim rings and hubcaps, which was fun as the wheels are not original but 15"x 8" - 6 lug wheels that did not have the clips for the hubcaps. I had to drill and tap each wheel to mount the clips, and then make spacers to mount the clips at the proper angle and height. It was worth the trouble because I really like the look.

      I hope that someone can benefit from seeing that adding clips to modern wheels is "do-able" and the results are worth the effort. I was told by one of the sales reps at a major parts place that it couldn't be done. (I don't buy much from them anymore.)

       The body is sound - no rust, but I am installing power disks and power steering before I do any more to the body. I figure I will have to take off at least the FL fender to do the power steering and I don't want to take the chance of messing up a new paint job.

       I plan to keep it mostly stock-looking but may lower it a bit, maybe 2" using a monospring in the front and blocks in the rear.

       I have all the parts for the PB and PS conversions but ran out of time as a large "Honey-Do" project to completely rework the landscaping all around the house jumped in front. However, the truck purchase was prompted by my wife, so I have the greatest obstacle conquered as to spending time working on it! The photo in the field was taken the day the "Honey-Do" project started and I parked it in the field for safe keeping.

Chevy in the Mist

       I will post more as things develop.

Ted Hoberg
"52 Ted"
Fallbrook, CA

       Note -- the "field image" was labeled "landscape," so I thought it was going to be a picture of the foreboding yardwork that lay ahead. This looks more like "field of dreams" wouldn't you say? ~~ Editor

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