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A Cool Old Truck

Ted Hirn's

1946  Chevy 1/2-Ton

May 2000


From Ted:

          This is an updated pic of my '46 Chevy truck. The paint is a Chevy medium blue mist. We got to take it to our first car show two days after we got it back and my wife finally decided she wanted to drive it to work! (that's the third time she's drove it in 3 years).

          I got the bed laid with red oak and three coats of poly. It definately attracts attention!


Ted Hirn
Spencerville, Ohio



From Ted:

          This is my toy! I bought this truck off of a guy who started on it and ran out of time and interest (typical). He had mounted it on a '72 1/2-ton frame and put a (I hate to say it) Ford steering column in it.  That was a treat to wire!

          I put a 350 4-bolt main in it and have been slowly getting it together. It has power steering, brakes and windows.  I drive it daily and it gets a lot of attention.  My wife says it has to be ready to paint next spring, so I gotta get out there and get to work!

          The truck is a Chevy half ton with a '39 bed on it. It has a bit of a different grille on it because the guy I got it from cut it down to be different and I decided to leave it.

          The license plate reads TTTTSIX ( fourTsix) and really makes people scratch their heads!

Ted Hirn
Spencerville, Ohio

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