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AD Chevy Trucks

Chevy trucks

Over 6,000 pictures
Brad Allen has an awesome collection of Chevrolet factory pictures that he has set up from film strips.

This one is on AD Chevy trucks (1947-1955).

Lots of work on Brad's part ... pure enjoyment for you.


01 March 2015
# 2982

From Bill in the Big Bolts forum:

A friend of mine stopped over a couple of days ago. I showed him some of my Photobucket pic's. He bought my '55 Task Force 6500 sight unseen! I really wasn't planning on selling it, but the price was right. Now I'm looking for another project -- possibly a 3/4 or 1-ton, (Chevy / GMC.) '46-'65. I'll miss my '55, but it's not a "city" truck. It belongs on a farm where it will get more exercise which is better than sitting 350 days of the year. Thanks to all of you! Without your help, my truck would still be a "basket-cse" instead of a "Profit"! ~ Bill

08 November 2012
# 2982

Owned by
Bill Hickey
Bolter # 27065


1955 2nd Series 6500 2-Ton Flatbed Truck

"Mo' Tater"


More pictures of my old truck

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From Bill :

Hello all! I'm not new to this site by any means, but I'm ready to submit my truck to the Gallery.

When I was five years old, back in 1962, the Garnavillo (Iowa) Volunteer Fire Department used a 1955 (or 1956) 6500 as the "Tanker." I loved the looks of the Task Force Big Bolts since the day I first saw it.

Ironically, about 25 years ago, I saw the truck I now possess for the first time. I thought to myself, "Man, if I had that truck..."

Well, time passed and the man who owned the truck got too ill to use it. So he sold it to his neighbor, who happens to be my best friend's Brother. Since it was fitted with a 13' flatbed with a hoist, he used it for about a year, hauling land-fill and firewood.

One day, he hit a rut with the box raised and broke the R.R. hinge-support on the frame. The old truck sat for a couple of years out of service.

One day, about five years ago, the previous owner asked if I'd be interested in owning a running 1955 Chevy! I asked: "The Big truck?!" He suggested we put a battery in her and see what happens!

A little gas in the carb, a fresh battery, and five minutes later, she was "purring" on 2-year-old varnish!

Come to find out, this truck started life as a "hook-and-ladder" truck for a small township in the eastern part of our county! When I find out more on that history, I'll submit that to "Firebolt.".

The second owner installed the 13' box / hoist that is currently installed. He used it to haul cinder block for the many houses under construction in his neck of the woods. He drove that truck into Cedar Rapids (Linn County) and back to rural Shellsburg (Benton County) for years with very little down-time. The guy worked at a block plant and he used the broken and rejected block,to help pave many rural mud roads in the area.

I plan on making her look and run as good as she deserves since she's still as dependable as I could ask for, considering her age.

So far, I've re-built the head, using hardened valves and seats, (unleaded, ethanol gas), new gas tank, new fuel-pump, new seat, and welded the hoist-hinge.

I bought an 8' tool box, cut it in half with a chop saw, capped the open ends. Now I have two 4' tool boxes mounted to the frame behind the cab.

I have new White Oak lumber for the bedsides, but that's on hold until next Spring. I also need to install a metal headache rack, since the original was old rotted pine.

I installed Fenton headers, and it is equipped with dual exhaust stacks. It almost sounds like a naturally-aspirated 250 Cummins!

We took the old truck on our summer vacation to our favorite campground (more work than rest -- but fun!). On the way to the camp, she was loaded up, and had no power on the hills. When I got to the campsite, I removed the air breather to find that the choke was practically closed!! No wonder she was under-powered!! Now she runs GREAT!!

We left camp Memorial Day and commenced on the body-work. We got her painted on June 1st.

I added cab lights, as well as L.E.D. tail-lights, and clearance (box) lights.

This winter, I plan on SAVING enough money to replace my rear wheel cylinders, (fronts are done), and replace the rear wheel / axle bearings.

The engine has no ridge on the cylinder walls!! It doesn't smoke, and uses virtually no oil!! Over 1,000 miles in a two-year period, and she's still on the full mark.

I have a whole bunch of pic's of my truck on Photobucket, as well as several videos. There are a few videos of "Mo 'Tater" RUNNING with the Big-Bolts. Please excuse that video! I didn't realize that the shutter on the camera was half-open,until AFTER I uploaded it. But,at least, you get the idea.

I LOVE this site!! THANKS to ALL of you, who, without your help and support, my truck would not be the reliable piece of machinery she is today! I can't thank this site enough!!

Keep On Truckin',

Bill Hickey



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