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1952 Chevy 3100 1/2-Ton 5-window

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13 April 2007
# 1920

From Wade :

My first 'Bolt (a 1952 5 window PU kit with no instructions)

old truck restoration project           Here is my new find. I actually wanted a 1946 Art Deco but couldn't find one in my price range. I've been looking for over a year. So many, so little time.

           Lori66 listed this package on the "Stovebolt Spotting Alert Network" in the Swap Forum. (Thanks Lori ). I do love the 5 window.

Mfg Date : June,1952
Model : 3100 1/2-ton
Wheelbase : 116 inches
Plant : Flint, MI

           So I called the guy up and went to look at it the next day. It was a 100 miles away in Milton, Florida. It looked pretty good to me. It even included a trailer which I had been looking for.

           The previous owner was being PSCing (being re-stationed) to Air Force flight school in Texas and didn't want to take it out there. He bought it from a guy in Chicago who was also restoring a 'Burb. The title goes back to an owner in Chicago who purchased it in 1982. That's as far back as I have in history. Maybe someday I'll try to get in touch with the titled PO and see what they can tell me.

           The truck is in many parts -- some NOS, some doubles -- and it came with a Chevelle front clip. My desire is to return the truck to original as best I can, with maybe some safety upgrades. If I deem it too far gone to return to original, I'll drop a 350 engine/350 auto transmission I have in the shop in to it. It came with an extra engine / transmission, extra front axle / springs, extra torque tube rearend with springs. All that stuff was in temp storage in the pump house.

           There is a lot of rust cut out that the previous-PO had started to repair. I will need some help deciding how to proceed with the repair. I still don't understand, now that I have had a chance to look at it, why the previous PO went about repairing the cancer the way he did. Gave him everything he didn't need to do the 'burb restoration. Here's a picture of the well-rusted cab interior.

           I'm excited to get started. First, I have to finish enlarging the shop and getting my daughter's rice burner running again. Then I can jump on this.

           I have a line on another '52 5 window that is a real rust bucket. If it hasn't sold, I may try and pick it up for a "go-by" and parts. It has no title, so it would definitely be for parts.

           It's strange -- I got this truck from an Air Force guy that's going to flight school and my '92 Vette that I gave myself for my 60 B'day, I also got from an Air Force pilot. I guess they get rid of their toys whenever they get re-stationed or lose interest. I will send pics and a short write up for the alternate gallery for the Vette. It's bright give-me-a-ticket red and cleans up real good.

           I stopped at a WallyWorld to get some trailer tie down supplies and before I could get the rigging done on the trailer, three different people stopped to comment and / or exchange pleasantries.  One guy owned a powder coating business and had just put a diesel in a 1978 Jeep to run on French fry oil.  We were discussing coatings and he said he preferred to use POR 15 for frames -- here he was a powder coating business! You never know.

           Thanks in advance for all the help I know I will receive in putting this "kit with no instructions" back together again.

Wade Herod
"Wade in NW FL"
Bolter # 11570
Florida, close to Bonifay

           Milton, Florida? Wow, that's our old stomping grounds (way long ago). And our newest helper with the Gallery submisisons (Lori66) lives there. Cool! And good luck. Glad to see you finally got a Bolt. Keep us posted! ~~ Editor

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