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A Cool Old Truck

Mark Hernandez's

1941 Chevy COE

12 November 04

From Mark:

     OK ... OK ... I know I said it would be on the road in spring. It's now October 31, 2004 ... and I'm almost there. Just waiting on a Reggie.

     It took five very long years to get it from "it ran when last parked" to "it's an every day driver." And I could not have done it without your site !!!! Are these CEO's as rare as I think they are? Finding parts for this thing was incredible -- I had to buy whole trucks when I needed something.

     I'm a carpenter and work has been just too good!! (Where is everyone getting all this cash?) Work work work, ya know.

     I love it. You guys are the best.

     Thanks for all the help. I have more photos of this truck in its various state of resto. So, if there is anyone out there who is thinking of restoring one of these things, and they need help, send them my way. I made all the mistakes already! I will say one thing the payoff out weighs all the grief!

Mark Hernandez

04 February 03 Update

From Mark

     How do? I've been away a bit -- work work work. Ya know last time I was in here, I sent those photos of the COE and I said I'd have it on the streets come spring. Well ... work work ; work -- ya know! ; Well its now winter again and it will be on the streets of NEW YORK come spring! ; Here are more photos for you.

With love
Mark Hernandez

     Mark, nice paint job! ; Keep up the good work work work! ~~ Curator

1 March 2002

From Mark:

     I love your site -- good stuff !! I have a 1941 Chevy COE. I've been fixin it all winter. Hope to have it on the streets come spring.


Mark Hernandez

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