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1951 Chevy 3800 1-Ton

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05 March 2007
# 1860

From Derek :

           Hi! I am 16 and live in Long Island, New York. I have a 1951 Chevy 3800. I love my truck and your site.

           My truck use to be a wrecker. The owner before me took the boom off, so I was told. The side of the truck had "Richard's Import Towing." It is a single wheel with a re-enforced bed. I have never seen a 3800 series 1-ton wrecker. Maybe some ideas or if any one has pics of one I'd very much appreciate seeing them.

           When I first got my truck, I put some primer on it. It's in good shape for a east coast truck.

           And this is what it looks like now! You can see some of my other projects -- a 1975 BMW 2002 and a Mazda B2000 mini truck that I was putting the motor in. I also have a Pontiac Trans Am and a 300ZX turbo (sorry if I got side tracked ). At 16, it not so bad for a kid, right? Old Stovebolts rock!!

           Thank you very much for your time and keeping the site up. It's the best forum I have ever been on.

Derek Heller
Bolter # 10396
port washington

           Derek submitted his truck for the 2006 It Ran When I Parked it photo contest. Looks like he did a great job getting in running again. Coolamundo! ~~ Editor

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