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A Cool Old Truck

Mike Heidelberg's

1952 3100 Chevy

07 April 2004

From: Mike,
     What we have here is my 1952 3100 Chevy truck. She was born in Atlanta, Georgia in 1952. I bought her from a man in Columbus, Mississippi in November of 2003. She drove onto the trailer she rode home on.

    Currently, she is in piles all over the house and the yard/shop. I am doing a ground-up on her and have the major parts done. I am now putting her parts back on and painting each one as I go.

     She came with an updated 12-vote set-up and a 1955 235 I-6 engine. Still sporting her 3-speed. This truck had little rust that was a problem. New floor panels were the only replacements needed. Me and the frame just after a long, hard week. A crane was very handy -- ha ha!

     Last picture is finishing out the cab (January 15, 2004).

     Will send more soon.

Mike Heidelberg


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