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Cool Old Truck

Dennis Hay's


Chevrolet 3100 5-Window

16 March  03  

From Dennis 

This is my '52 in it's current state. I've had the truck about 25 years. It was found on a farm where it had been sitting unused for about 20 years. I paid $200 for it, actually got it started and drove it home minus brakes. It had 33,000 miles then and is nearing 40,000 now. It's a treat to drive, because it is as tight and solid and straight as a new truck. Obviously, lots of work has gone into it, but not a lot of money. It is stock looking, but has a tight 235, 12V, and other minor enhancements. I use this as my yard work truck. Bed is diamond plate, and I'm not afraid to load it with a ton (literally) of wet gravel and haul. I'm resisting the urge to rod it, or to do much of anything else to it. It seems that the stockers are getting rarer than the cut up rods (the white '54 in the picture is my brother's rodded truck.) I take it to cruise-ins, and kids and old folks and ladies seem to love it. The paint is an early IH color, the wheels are old time smoothies with chrome rims and Goodyear Workhorse radials. I have a split header and duals. And, you know, nothing sounds quite as good as a stovebolt with duals.










Curator "Dennis, I hope my 52 5-window looks that nice some day!  Is that a 54..55 bed?  Very nice looking truck!"

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