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A Cool Old Truck

CJ Haunz's

1957 Chevy 6500 Fire Truck

07 April 2004


From: CJ,

     I thought you might like to add some pics of two Chevys that I own (check out the other). This truck truck is a '57 6500 series with an American LaFrance fire pumper body.

     It was the first new fire truck purchased by a local fire department where my father and I were both members. My dad was there when the truck was bought, and when it was sold to another department in '84. The truck stayed in fire service until '96, then was sold to a farmer in central Kentucky.

     I found the truck in disrepair in '99 and brought it home. It now runs and pumps as good as new. The body is still in good shape, so I will leave it since it is almost exactly original. The only major change is that it originally had a 283 engine, but that was blown up and replaced with a 327 in the early '70s.

     I have more pictures of these if you want to see them. Just let me know.

Thank you,

C.J. Haunz
Louisville, KY


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