Don Hatcher's

1952 Chevrolet 3100 Pickup


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13 March 2006
# 1467

From Don:

         This is my 1952 3100 pickup truck named Raymond (after my Grandfather who, of course, had one just like it). I've had Raymond for about three years now and he's more fun each year.

         The body work was done (about ten years before) when I got him. I thought he was in pretty good shape mechanically but I was a little off on that. After a new wiring harness, gas tank, fuel line, fuel pump, carb, coil, battery, valve job, brake lines, master cylinder, front brake shoes, rear spring shackles, door latches, and wiper motor, he runs good.

         We live on a 100 acre farm that had been in the same family since 1840 until we bought it. The old brick farmhouse is over 160 years old and Raymond seems like a spring chicken next to it. But I think he looks right at home.

         The truck was sold new in Georgia, and I have the original bill of sale.


Don Hatcher
Bolter # 3413
Urbana, Ohio

         The "right at home picture" was such a peaceful one, you have to see it full scale, so I left it a link. Nothing like a good farm and a gooder farm truck! ~~ Editor

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