Leo Hasenfub's

1953 Chevy 1300 1/2-Ton

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07 November 2005

From Leo:

            Hello ! My truck is a 1953 Chevy 1300 1/2-ton.

            This truck came to Germany from Canada in the mid '50's. The first owner who was a German craftsman who tried to make a living in Canada due to the worse economic situation in Germany. But for some reasons, he went back to Germany.

            The Chevy was driven for three years and 28,000 miles. During this time, he started to convert it into a kind of station wagon -- woody style!

            After some years, he started to convert it again into a "real" station wagon. He cut away everything behind the cab instead of the frame. Then he built a steel construction with sliding roof top and detachable loading side doors. This unique plan never was finished.

            Then it stood for another five years in a cottage. The son gave this family piece to me and I promised him to bring it back on the road ! As you can see in the photos, there's some work left to do!

            Here in Germany we don't have so many pickups around, especially of this model. So I need any help I can get. I 'm looking for parts. First I need the complete rear cabin wall. I'd also like to get in contact with other owners of the model 1300/3100.

            I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Check here for more pics of my pickup.


Leo Hasenfub
Hannover, Germany

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