Terry Hartman's

1954 Chevrolet 3100

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04 May 2005

From Terry: 

      I have attached a few more updates to my 54, 3100. Hope you like my latest pics. Your site is my favorite and I try to contribute.

      Keep up the good work.




Thank you,

Terry Hartman,
Northwood, Ohio

01 June  2003  

From Terry


      I started restoration on this 1954 1/2-ton about four years ago.  Before that time, I had restored eight John Deere antique tractors.  This was my first attempt at a truck.  In hindsight, the truck that I started with was really too far gone for such a restoration.

      My Chevy still has its original 235 which I rebuilt to perfection.  The modifications that I have made have all been aimed at allowing me to enjoy driving the truck, yet keeping it very original.  I installed a T-5 / 5 speed Camaro unit with a S-10 tailshaft transmission, seat belts, '58 rear-end with open drive line and 3.90 gear.  The truck still has original straight axle but I have installed mono leaf springs to bring the center of gravity down.  The truck has parts on it from 14 states as the only original parts I ended up salvaging was the engine, rolling frame, and cab.  Virtually everything else was replaced with new or better parts from many swap meets. 

      Over 15 coats of primer blocked down to give a great smooth body.  PPG Victory Red, Chevy 2001 base coat clear coat was the final touch.  I painted this truck totally in pieces and reassembled it.  My teenage son, Joe helped me with the project.  Many nights and weekends we would just sit in that cab blocked up in the air saying how great it will be when it's finished. 

      I have recently purchased my second '54 from South Dakota.  Guess I need to see if Joe's little sister is about ready to learn the facts of Stovebolt therapy.  I have attached finished picture. I also have about 300 more of the step by step process.  

      Thank you for a great web site. It has guided us all the way.

Terry and Joe
Northwood, Ohio  

      Terry (and Joe) - You have a truck you can be proud of!  Feel free to send in a few pictures of the project when you get a chance! ~~ Curator

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