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A Cool Old Truck

Grant Harrison's

1968 GMC 1500 Pickup

22 November 04

From Grant:

         I have long surfed your website and now I finally have something to add. I have included some pictures of my recently purchased 1968 GMC 1500 pickup.

         I bought the pickup for a daily driver from one of the local college students. Currently it has a strong running 307 ci V8 with a 4 speed in the floor. The only thing that it needs now are some new tires and wheels.

         In the near future power steering and power brakes are in order. Next year I plan to do some sheet metal work and replace the rotten wood bed with a new one.

         I will keep you posted as I continue to work on the truck. Thanks for posting my truck.

Grant Harrison
North Platte, NE

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