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01 June 2014
# 3070

  Owned by
Peter Harbottle
"Peter H"
Bolter # 26144
Burlington, Ontario


1951 Chevy 3100 5-Window


"Measure Twice; Cut Once"

More pictures of my old truck

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From Peter :

In August 2010, I went looking for a self-reward to celebrate three and five years of being cancer free.

I found a great 1951 Chevy 3100 pickup after looking at several thousand trucks on eBay. Boy, that's a chore ... but kind of like pain and pleasure, ya know?

The truck was actually purchased new by a farmer out in Colorado. He later sold it to the fellow in South Carolina. He had done a good bit of restoration on the truck but he wasn't real keen on selling it to someone from "afar." He wanted to keep an eye on the truck to see how it ended up!

We haggled for a bit about the truck and had some interesting conversations. Apprarently, I convinced him that I was gonna take good care of his baby ... when he let me have it!

So, we struck the deal and we trailered it from South Carolina to Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

I wanted a truck that had most of the heavy major mechanicals done but still needed enough body and trim work be to interesting for me.
This one really suited my needs. My wife was adamant and very insistent that I get a hobby to get me out of the office and distract me from my work.

My '51 3100 is a 20 footer and I wanted to bring it up to a quasi-trailer queen but only for fun and only to show at local, non-competition cruise nights.

I wanted to take a leisurely approach to the restoration although my basic nature wanted me to finish the whole thing before that summer!!!! But, I had to remind myself why I got it -- to teach me patience and appreciation of the process.

It needed some interior work such as upholstery. It needed mechanical work such as changing the differential ratio to 3:55 gears to let me run at 45 mph. It needed a few few other tweaks ... well, I thought.

One of my biggest challenges early on was trying to sort out the engine compartment electrical that was done by the previous owner. It all worked but it looked like a dog's breakfast. I thought I could tidy it all up if I knew what it was supposed to look like. There were wires going everywhere and I didn't seem to be able to find a voltage regulator (??). Fortunately, pictures and advice from the forum got me through that.

I did put in new wheel cylinders, brake shoes and drums. I replaced the front, rear and side panel glass.

So, three stress-free years later (believe that?), Howard was on the road again and was "featured" in our daughter's wedding, the summer of 2013.

Back in 2011, I received a warm welcome here. I was just getting my feet wet on the site and I was amazed at how helpful and friendly you 'Bolters are. I soon realized, I was a Bolter myself! This thing gets in your blood ... and it's great!

I would like to thank all the members who have contributed to all the forums and have given me such insight into my new obsession.

Thanks to all.



Nice work Peter on the truck and the battle with cancer. It's good to see you among the members of the site who have taken the Ugly C by the stack and stomped it! Live long and prosper!

Fred "truckernix" Nixon (our ever-vigilant Radio Bench Moderator) also let us know that his local newspaper Old Autos had a nice article on Peter's truck. It happened to be the May 5th edition, which was also Fred's birthday! Good scouting Fred.

~ Editor





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