Roseann & Jonathan Hanson's

1953 3600 Chevy 3/4-Ton


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15 May 2006
# 1524

From Roseann:

           Our acquisition of "Cleo" is a fun story. I had been eyeing this wonderful 1953 3600 3/4-ton for at least three years. It lived at a neighbor's place. When I first approached him about buying it, he named a price we could not afford at the time (though not a bad price for the condition of the truck).

           Then a couple weeks ago at a party, we found out these neighbors were moving back to Missouri. My husband asked casually if the truck was still for sale. And the neighbor said, "You can have it for $2500." I nearly dropped my drink. I caught my husband's eye across the table and we did the silent couple communication thing that went something like "YESSS!!!! OH BOY!! OH BOY!! OH BOY!!" but we calmly said, "Sure, we'll be over to take a look at it tomorrow." And of course we wrote a check immediately!

           We're just the fourth owner of Cleo, named after the original owner, a farmer. It's all stock - absolutely perfect and ready for a loving, slow restoration. Only 75,000 original miles. Everything works (dome light, gauges, etc.). There is no rust, got all badges, 5 hubcaps. It's sweet! It needs a new fuel pump and water pump, floor mats and door panels, and a bit of TLC on the dash. The exterior paint will eventually be re-done in the original black. That's about it and it's a killer.

           Every girl needs a great truck and this is mine! I have a custom silver jewelry business and I plan to have magnetic signs made for Cleo to sport my sterling silver rose logo and "Desert Rose Designs." Oh, and I have the perfect pair of custom-made cowboy boots to wear while driving him!

Roseann & Jonathan Hanson
"Desert Rose"
Bolter # 11156
Sonoran Desert, USA (somewhere a bit south and west of Tucson)

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