Joe Hand's

1937 Chevy Inline-powered Streetrod

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March 2004

From Joe :

          These pictures are the final product of three and a half years' worth of work. It was completed in the late summer of 2002. I have put 2800 miles on it since. The three carburetor set up was installed this Fall along with the bed rails and storage box in the bed.

          Here is a short list of parts:

  • 1970 - 250ci I6
  • 19?? - Turbo 350 automatic, stock 6 cyl converter
  • 1978 - Firebird 10 bolt rear axle with 3.08 to 1 gear ratio
  • stock cooling system
  • aftermarket front disk brakes, dual master cylinder
  • stock front axle
  • new leaf springs
  • factory gauges
  • home made wiring harness, 12 volt operating system
  • home made intake and exhaust header with 3 Corvair carbs
  • home made air filter top and bottom using F*rd airfilters

          It's a fun truck to drive.

Joe Hand
"Joe H "
Bolter # 59
Lee's Summit, Missouri

          Joe - Nice job bringing that old truck up to modern day driver status. Those manifolds look great!. ~~ Curator

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