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Cool Old Truck

Otto Hallberg's

1955 Chevy Van

01 April 01

From Otto:

     I have a late model '55 Chevy van that I will be needing to get parts and information on. I have tried to get the Chevy restoration package for it, but it seems Chevy does not even know what I have. The plate inside the engine compartment puts it a 5 tons GVW.

     I have enclosed some pictures of the beast, if you could point me in the right direction I would be very grateful. I will need to rework the electrical, do some repair work on the aluminum body, and try to get the six cylinder with the updraft carburetor running.

     It needs a lot of other work and parts to numerous to list. Is there someone that I can talk with that has done a rebuild on a van?

Thank you,

Otto Hallberg



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