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Cool Old Truck

Nathan Hall's

1949 3100

3-Window Pickup

5 February 03

From Nathan

Hi !

I just now found this submission page (I know , I'm a total computer dummy)

Anyway , this is VWNate and I was pleased to see _my_ name along with 4onthefloor's on the newsletter saying we'd helped him get going agin .

These are pix of my 1949 3100 series shop truck , one is of it working , towing home yet another old junker I bought , a $200.00 1967 MGB GT , rust free of course , garage kept . my truck came from a gang - banger who gave up the ' life ' , it was built in Oakland Ca. and moved to Los Angeles sometime , no one knows when it was originally Alaska Yellow . it has a '57 235 , 12 volts and a 3.55 gearset in it's torque tube rear end . it is 99% stock and original , I drive it everywhere and work it hard . it's always getting little upgrades and tweaks , the tires are from Diamond Back , they're Dayton LT215/85R16 D rated truck tires and look great plus stick to the ground and don't mind heavy loads . the wheels were dug out of the sand in an abandoned junkyard in the Mojave Desert .if I get my Sony Mavica camera working again I'll submit more pix.

You asked for tech and stories about submitted trucks so I hope this isn't too much ,

Thanx ,

Nathan Hall AKA VWNate



Curator "So the infamous VWNate checks in . . . . right on the heels of Mothertrucker!  Are you sure you two aren't related? : )"

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